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Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorneys

At the Georgetown law firm of Stumpf, Vickers & Sandy P.A., we provide aggressive criminal defense when our clients need it most. When you face criminal charges, the importance of consulting with and retaining an experienced defense attorney quickly cannot be understated. Prosecutors will use against you anything you say or provide, so it is crucial to have the advice of a knowledgeable attorney who can look out for your best interests from the beginning.

When you need effective legal counsel and proven defense, our law firm's more than 30 years of experience should be in your corner. Attorneys John Sandy and Vincent Vickers, have led a dedicated criminal defense practice in Delaware since 1983. Our partners' prior experience as Sussex County prosecutors allows them to counteract the strategy of prosecutors' cases against our clients. As our client, we will help you understand your defense options, opportunities and a strategy crafted for your best possible outcome.

Professional Service to Sussex County and the Delaware Beaches

No client's circumstances and needs are exactly the same. We build custom-tailored strategies for each case and gain a full understanding or each client's unique situation. At Stumpf, Vickers & Sandy P.A., you meet one-on-one with an attorney who has built a reputation for success over decades of defending clients in thousands of criminal law cases.

As our client, you benefit from our established presence in Sussex County, our skills in and out of the courtroom, our wealth of resources, and our highly professional support staff. Our representation is devoted to protecting our clients' rights, freedoms and interests. We handle offenses from minor traffic and drug charges to felony charges involving violent crimes or sex offenses.

Serious Delaware DUI Lawyers and Drug Possession Defense

The most serious criminal charges many people will encounter in life typically involve drunk driving or drug-related charges. Our counsel and proactive representation from the beginning of your case to resolution are influential in minimizing the consequences of serious charges.

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For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our Georgetown criminal defense lawyers, call or e-mail us today. We represent local and out-of-state clients, and we are ready to defend you against Delaware criminal charges.